Did the Pharaohs of Egypt and Gabaski cheat their way to the Top? READ.

With the Conclusion of the Afcon2021 Tournament and Team Senegal returning home as the Newly Crowned Champions of Africa, In a now Circulating Clip making headlines… The water bottle of Keeper Gabaski of Egypt, was picked up by a Cameroonian Reporter and this is what we could tell from the  Circulating video.

“Gabaski may have ignorantly or sadly left his water bottle on the floor after the defeat” what a strange bottle that has the angles and placing of different opposition players pasted round it”

Watch video below:


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Back to where we were! This is no wonder how he’s been exceptional about his saves. We could tell from the mind blowing saves he made when his side faced The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in the semi-finals match, denying every spot kick in a row, from the Cameroonian players, just after Vincent Aboubakar had delivered his, successfully..


Sky Sports


But prior to this event, we could remember how Mo Salah rushed to Keeper Gabaski, just before Mané could step in to take the penalty kick that had been awarded to Senegal in the 7th minute of play.
In a Now published report, MBC Egypt have released a statement on Gabaski, revealing the words Mo Salah said to him
      🗣 Gabaski reveals THAT penalty conversation:
“Salah told me: Mane would shoot to the right side, he is coming now because he knows what I am saying.’

“Mane said to me: ‘I will shoot on the left,’ then Salah replied ‘Let’s see.’”


Could it be that the Pharaohs had been using this system all along? Or even so, if this were true, then he’s a genius in my books. We don’t get to see such very talented keepers who would grasp all of these and produce such heroics within a short period of time, just the way Gabaski had done.
But Tell me in the comment section, what do you think of this?


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