Harry Maguire finally opens up… Blames media critics for propagating lies against him and the entire #mufc squad.

In an all explosive Interview with with Daily Telegraph, Captain Harry Maguire when asked by Mike McGrath, had this to say, concerning the #mufc unrest in the dressing room.

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Harry Maguire: “I think it’s always been like that [Man-United vs world] for United players and we have to deal with it. The most important thing for us is the fans, and we are letting them down. But the support at Old Trafford and at away games is unbelievable still.” 

Harry Maguire: “We have big players in the team; leaders. I’m sick of repeating myself but it can’t continue like this – we need to go on a proper run, starting Monday.”

Harry Maguire: “We are all angry and want to do our best, which has probably come across on the pitch at times. But the team spirit is good, despite what people say.” 

Harry Maguire: “Being a professional footballer, you have to take criticism on the chin and react well to it. At the same time, you have to ignore the outside noise sometimes and just get your head down.”

Harry Maguire: “Sometimes it can be good to have the ‘us against the world’ mentality. I know a lot was written about Sir Alex Ferguson’s teams and the way he used that to spur his players on. He obviously did that brilliantly.” 

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Harry Maguire: “For me, with this team, it shouldn’t need criticism to motivate players. If players of this quality aren’t motivated to play for this club when they pull the shirt on, then there’s something wrong.”

Harry Maguire: “I’m the captain and leader in the dressing room, and I’ve had private conversations with the players and the management which will remain private.” 

Harry Maguire: “Make no mistake about it, I’m here for the fight and I know my team-mates are. I expect them to be and if they’re not then – like I said – there’s something wrong.”

Harry Maguire: “We have a big squad. Of course, not all players will always be happy as they are not playing but that’s football and we all have to remain professional.”

Harry Maguire: “He [Rangnick] has made an impact – we win together and lose together. The manager is there to set us up tactically which we absolutely take on board. We listen to him and his staff. It’s up to us once the game starts.” 

                 photo: MEN

Harry Maguire: “I came here to win titles. I could have signed elsewhere but I wanted to be at #mufc and help get them back to the winning ways that the club had in the Sir Alex era. It will come if we all stay together.” 

Harry Maguire: “I grew up idolising the likes of Wayne [Rooney], Rio [Ferdinand[ and Vidic and I want to repeat what they achieved. I’m privileged to be captain and I’ve got a responsibility to lead the players and turn things round.” 

Harry Maguire: “His [Rangnick] detail and preparation are enormous, we have full respect and trust in his methods. Yes, it’s difficult when the coaching team changes mid-season like it does at loads of clubs. [But] I will say it again – it’s down to us as players.

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