Monkeys, Go Back To Your 3rd World Country; Folake Cambage calls Nigeria D’Tigress Team Players.


Elizabeth Folake Cambage, who is an Australian professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association, has recently come under fire, after a clip of her, tendering unreserved apologies to the Nigeria D’Tigress team, for Calling them monkeys in a heated altercation that happened over a year ago, was made public few days back. Reports claim, It all happened last summer, during a practice game in Las Vegas. Liz Cambage had a heated argument with one of the D’Tigress players, Wherein she tagged them all “monkeys from a third world country”.


Australian officials however said they would take drastic disciplinary actions against Elizabeth, after which she apologised to the entire D’Tigress team and withdrew from the Australian Olympic team the next day. It’s been over a year now and Nigeria netizens are still not having it with Cambage, as many have tagged her apologies “Fake” citing she only did so because she felt pressured too.


A user said ” I’m so disappointed in @lizcambage8 as news broke out that she called players of the @dtigressng monkeys and asked them to “go back to their third world country”. This is so shameful for a professional whose dad is even a Nigerian. Racism has been on in sports and enlightened athletes have been fighting real hard to against it. For Cambage to tow that path and vilify her fellow female athletes (she having a Nigerian descent) shows how degraded and vicious she is. Her hypocritical apologies don’t mean s*** to me. I hereby withdraw ma support for the team and pray they have woeful appearances.#NoToRacism”.


Another said “Liz Cambage’s apologies were only mouthed. They are not genuine. She spoke her heart on the day she vented. She only came back to remediate the damage she had done, for social reasons”.


Another user also added “I was infuriated when I briefly read/heard about her distasteful comments about the #DTigress, which was completely uncalled for and unacceptable. Personally, I think her apologies were forced because she knew it’ll get out to the public, hence her quick *medicine after death* apology”.


Although quite a few Nigerians came to the rescue of Cambage, citing how the Australian professional Basketball player was indeed, truly sorry and remorseful for her utterances. Noting the widely used adage that says “To err is human and to forgive is divine”, be dully applied while passing judgement on the player.


Sadly, World basketball governing body, FIBA has confirmed the withdrawal of Nigeria from the 2022 FIBA Women’s World Cup slated for September in Australia, in which the Nigeria D’Tigress team qualified, but is now being replaced with Mali, who finished just below Nigeria in the qualifying group stage. This comes as a result of the ban, the Federal Government of Nigeria placed on the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) from participating in International events for the next two years.

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  1. Nigerians, we just enjoy giving so much attention to irrelevant things.

    I’m not siding Liz for sounding racist but it doesn’t take anything from us. It’s normal to get abusive in heated moments.

    People are just overreacting. That’s what I think shaa

  2. So the animal that call we Nigeria monkey, but she doesn’t think that is original than any other colours, because Nigeria the meaning is niggaro , but black life matters, u can change your skin to any colour, but you can’t change black to any colour, mad people’s everywhere

    • It’s sad in itself to make such an abhorrent statement. But it’s plain terrible to hear it from a woman with Nigerian roots…


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